About Us

Passback Sports, Inc. was founded in 2013 to market exciting training products to the sports community that can make an impact.

Passback Sports is the home of the Passback Football and we are excited to continue to develop that line of products. 

Today the Passback Football is now recognized as one of the leading “football” training aids in the World.  

Now used in YOUTH, HIGH SCHOOLS, COLLEGE and NFL Football programs all over the World!

Quarterbacks, receivers, lineman and defensive backs looking to take their games to new heights, the PassBack Football is football's most innovative tool for improving hand-eye coordination, reaction time and strength.

PassBack Football is focused on helping athletes improve their game-day performance by developing the five key components of superior athleticism: speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness. PassBack Training gives you the drills, programs, insight and information you need to work smarter, train harder and get better faster.

Passback Sports will continue to bring new products to market. Any questions, please follow up with: sales@passbacksports.com


News & Reviews

"If you’re an aspiring quarterback who’s determined to perfect their skills, finding someone to practice with for hours on end can be a challenge. But with the PassBack training football, which features a flattened end on one side, all you need is a wall to play catch with yourself."

-- toyland.com


"In two short weeks, I truly saw a difference in my own child’s hand-eye coordination, strength and reaction time."

-- thecelebritycafe.com

"Passback Sports, the leaders in the sports training industry, goal is to make training products that will keep you motivated and amped, in order to train daily. These do-it-yourself football is making a huge impact in the sports community."

-- examiner.com

"It’s a simple but effective redesign that makes it easier for quarterbacks, linemen, and receivers to practice their game."

-- coolthings.com