Junior Composite Passback


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  • HOW IT WORKS. The flat end of the Passback Football allows it to bounce right back to you. Throw the blunt end against a hard surface and it comes spiraling back! No need for expensive rebounder nets or throwing machines.
  • QUARTERBACKS. Improve passing accuracy, distance, and velocity while increasing arm strength and creating muscle memory. The Passback Football is an innovative training tool that enables you to double the number of reps than in a standard game of catch.
  • RECEIVERS. Improve reaction time, hand-eye coordination, situational awareness, and agility while increasing body control, endurance, and stamina. Add the Passback Football to your practice regimen to gain a competitive edge on your opponents.
  • ALL SKILL LEVELS. From peewees to pros, the Passback Football helps elevate your game in every phase of your football career. Practice on your own time, at your own pace. 3 sizes available: Peewee (Ages 4-8), Junior (Ages 9-13), and Official (Ages 14+).
Manufacturer Part Number: PB6C
Warranty Information: 60 days from delivery confirmation on manufacture defects. Be sure to lubricate your pump needle when inflating the Passback Football to reduce the possibility of valve malfunction. Ships deflated. Ball pump not included.
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Height 6.00
Depth 6.00


5 out of 5 (based on 11 ratings)
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What a fantastic idea. The pass back football performs as advertised and realty helps with repetitive throws to hone your throwing skills and reaction times

Great investments and tons of fun
Posted by John, 16th Apr 2020


Came ready to use, and came with a foam “fake” passback!
Posted by Roseann, 26th Oct 2019

Junior Passback Football

I bought this for my 12 yr old son and he loves it. This allows him to practice throwing and catching anytime he wants. He has used it constantly since it arrived. I would definitely purchase this Passback Football again.
Posted by Debra, 20th Mar 2019

Volleyball crossover

I'm a volleyball coach that works with a variety of skill levels. Passback helps us to teach the serving and Attacking motion of the game. It accelerates the learning process tremendously!
Posted by Greg Maynard , 5th Apr 2017

Loved it

My 7 year old boy loved it. He can't stop playing with it
Posted by Val, 3rd May 2015

He loved it !!!

I first saw and "played" with a pass back ball in a fun shop in Vail. I knew then Logan would like it. I didn't know then that he would play quarterback this season. He's 10. So this gift is totally cool. No one had heard of these and that made it quite special. As Grandma, I nailed it !!
Posted by Susan, 31st Dec 2013

Helps you learn how to throw a perfect spiral

Training outside of practice is very difficult in team sports, so this tool helps you learn how to throw the perfect spiral. I love PassBack and their unique design for training alone. Throwing and catching is a lot easier and helps you improve your skills at home.
Posted by undefined, 25th Oct 2013

Passback is super fun!

I really like the idea of being able to play catch when you are by yourself, It is really fun and well made. My mom got 2--one for me and one for my brother so we would not fight over them!
Posted by Fitz, 2nd Sep 2013

Really Simple Way to Learn American Football

The game is too complicated to dive right in, so these balls are a great way to quickly learn American football. They won't teach the rules and phases of the game, but the ball can teach you how to actually handle the strangely-shaped ball that you don't actually touch with your feet. Great for solo practice and education.
Posted by Jean, 30th Jul 2013