Official Composite Passback


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  • HOW IT WORKS. The flat end of the Passback Football allows it to bounce right back to you. Throw the blunt end against a hard surface and it comes spiraling back! No need for expensive rebounder nets or throwing machines.
  • QUARTERBACKS. Improve passing accuracy, distance, and velocity while increasing arm strength and creating muscle memory. The Passback Football is an innovative training tool that enables you to double the number of reps than in a standard game of catch.
  • RECEIVERS. Improve reaction time, hand-eye coordination, situational awareness, and agility while increasing body control, endurance, and stamina. Add the Passback Football to your practice regimen to gain a competitive edge on your opponents.
  • ALL SKILL LEVELS. From peewees to pros, the Passback Football helps elevate your game in every phase of your football career. Practice on your own time, at your own pace. 3 sizes available: Peewee (Ages 4-8), Junior (Ages 9-13), and Official (Ages 14+).
Global Trade Item Number: 850111002024
Manufacturer Part Number: PB9C
Warranty Information: 60 days from delivery confirmation on manufacture defects. Be sure to lubricate your pump needle when inflating the Passback Football to reduce the possibility of valve malfunction. Ships deflated. Ball pump not included.
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Height 6.00
Depth 6.00


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Better Than Expected

Very happy with this product. It was great quality and my son said he wanted a full football just like it. Awesome to get the pump with it just wished it came with the needle also. :) He has tossed it everyday since he has received and enjoys it
Posted by Jackie, 6th May 2016

Better Than Expected

The quality of the footballs were much better than expected
Posted by undefined, 22nd Dec 2015

Better than expected

I gave this as a gift to my grandson who has started playing quarterback in a youth flag football league. He had never seen it an now can't put it down.
Posted by undefined, 14th Dec 2015

works as good as it looks

very happy so far with the passback football. My son has been practising with it in the garage against a brick wall and it works very well.
Posted by undefined, 29th Dec 2014

Great product

<perfect ball to play and trained for quarterbacks youth/adults
Posted by undefined, 7th Dec 2013

Football training equipment you can use at home

One of the hardest things about getting better at football is the practicing when others aren't around. PassBack has really created something very useful for practicing throwing and catching when you are by yourself. It has been one of the most useful pieces of football training equipment I have found so far.
Posted by undefined, 23rd Oct 2013

Great football training equipment for practicing alone

The PassBack football is one of the best tools I have come across recently. I've been searching for a way to be able to train alone and work on my throws, and this football training equipment allows me to do that. I can practice by myself or away from the team and impress everyone with how much I'm improving.
Posted by undefined, 16th Oct 2013

Really Unique Football Training Equipment

As far as football training equipment goes, this ball is pretty unique. I used to think that playing catch required two people, but not with this little ball. Throw it as hard as you can against the wall, and it will come right back to you. I think it's better for training throwing than catching. Sometimes it bounces back in a really strange way, not like how a football should fly. Other than that, no problems here.
Posted by Ralph, 30th Jul 2013

Football Training Equipment Proves Dad Right

This football training equipment proves my father more right than he ever thought. I was always trying to get him to play catch with me, but he said that throwing the football against the garage door would improve my skills more than a game of catch would. That's not true with a real football, but it's true with the PassBack, since it actually bounces back to where I can catch it. It's not the perfect training aid, but it lets me practice on my own.
Posted by Percy, 12th Jul 2013